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Recent Projects

Here are a few recent projects.


  • Shop Floor Data Collection
    A shop floor data collection system for a well-known local manufacturing company.  This included helping to train their people to program in Progress®.
  • Order Management
    A purchase order system for an internationally known retailer and manufacturer (I trained their people in the use of Progress® so we could develop the software together)..

  • CAD/CAM2 Interface
    An aid for programming a measuring instrument, a FARO® arm, for a metal products manufacturer. I had a chance to use all of that geometry I studied in high school and college for this one! The programming was done using Visual Basic with Access and Excel. It helped transfer the CAD information from the Anvil CAD system to FARO's CAM2 software. Then it extracted the results from the output of CAM2 and organized it in a format suitable for GE Power Systems.

  • Telemarketing Order Management
    An order entry system for the telemarketing group of a local manufacturer. This one was written using MS Access®

  • Route Accounting
    Re-engineering and enhancement of the route-accounting system of a commercial laundry to improve the reliability and ease-of-use of the software. This system was a combination of COBOL programs running on an SCO Unix server and MS Access programs running under Microsoft Windows. It also included serial communication with counting devices out on the shop floor.

  • Device Control
    A control program to run a laboratory setup to test new lights being developed by a major lamp manufacturer. This system controlled the power source, maintained the appropriate current and voltage and recorded the results from the measuring instruments.

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